World Wi-Fi is a global decentralized free network. The users of the platform are ordinary people, router owners and advertisers. The users enjoy free internet, router owners are paid by advertisers for the ads viewed by the users; advertisers receive an effective tool for targeting of advertising and analytics of advertising campaign effectiveness.

You can join World Wi-Fi network anywhere in the world. Register on the https://app.worldwifi.com as a Hotspot Owner. World Wi-Fi software allows your router to distribute free wifi. The people around can connect to your free network and see advertising. And you will get profit for it from advertisers.

In any place where you have internet. At least 3G

Yes, you can connect World Wi-Fi anywhere in the world

You can use routers MikroTik rb941 or rb951ui-2nd and later, MikroTik wAP LTE or Xiaomi OpenWrt. Or buy our unique devices https://pointsec.ru/#products

It depends on historical data and statistics of your router. Average price for 10 impressions is 0,03$

You can get Invite code from any member of World Wi-Fi, your local Ambassador or list of invites.

For owners of routers who want to connect to the World Wi-Fi platform and start earning.
You can connect to the platform World Wi-Fi only by inviting. Invitation is a referral link associated with the wallet of the user in the system. The referral program works according to the following scheme: all wallets pay 25% of the cost of advertising shown on the router to those who connected them. Thus, the owners of routers are interested in scaling the system. Everyone can connect on their invite to new members and receive revenue from advertising displays on their routers. We are talking only about the distribution of the advertising budget — the owners of the routers themselves do not pay each other anything.

This is a basic invite that will be available to everyone after the launch of the World Wi-Fi platform. In addition to the standard 5% commission for the World Wi-Fi platform, the owner of the basic invite has already been attracted from someone (or the platform / or owner of the root invite) and pays them 25% of the his profits from advertising.

The owners of the root invites have joined platform by themselves, without any Invites. This is the reason why they pay only 5% to the platform and earns 25% of the profit from advertising attracted from his invitations. The basic invite is different only because: in addition to the standard 5% commission for the World Wi-Fi platform, the owner of the basic invite has already been attracted from someone (or the platform / or owner of the root invite) and pays them 25% of the his profits from advertising.

In addition, that you can open your access point, you can also attract other customers via a referral link and receive a percentage of the revenue of the foreclosed customers

The second network is created as a public and completely protected.

the World Wi-Fi platform enables the advertiser to select the audience on the basis of search history, gender, age, social media prole, location (with any level of detail down to an exact street, house or apartment). It is important to note that unlike the ad shown in search or social networks, a Wi-Fi user anyway will focus on the ad video or banner displayed before accessing the Web. The cost of such advertising is much lower than that of advertising in search engines or social media outlets.

Examples of places suitable for this business model: playgrounds, sports areas, parks, garden squares.

The router owner’s income depends on who the users of the router owner’s guest network are and on how many ads they view. The World Wi-Fi platform analyzes each access point in regard with several parameters required for further behavioral targeting. The more solvent is the audience in the certain guest network, the more tokens are charged for ads impressions and, accordingly, the more expensive are the impressions for advertisers (the more ad impression will cost the advertisers).

Available formats: banner, ad video, and retargeting ads. The system automatically calculates the cost of your advertising campaign (in tokens). There is information on conducted advertising campaigns and on their conversion rates for each ad point (a router connected to platform). Available target parameters: location, gender, age, place of residence, education, profession, interests, search queries in web search engines, etc.

The World Wi-Fi platform shall charge advertisers a fee in the amount of 5% from the advertising budget. Those funds are used to maintain operation and development of the platform.

On the World Wi-Fi platform, all advertising materials undergo mandatory review and revision according to common criteria developed in order to prevent broadcasting of any undesired content. There are also additional moderation criteria established by router owners. For instance, some of them can choose to exclude any 18+ ads.

Owner of the router who shares an internet access can set the number of ads impressions required to connect to the network from 1 to 3, as well as make a setting to break the connection with an ad display after a certain period of time is expired, thus increasing his income

The first decentralized Wi-Fi network